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The Axicon 12900 has been specially designed to verify direct-part-marked barcodes that are difficult to read with other DPM verifiers. The verifier can be raised up to 150 mm above its base so that slightly recessed symbols, and those marked on components can be read more easily.

The verifier is moved vertically by using the manual hand wheel, and the software uses a laser-based distance measuring system to ensure that the image is correctly focused. It can read DataMatrix, GS1 DataMatrix, QR Code, and GS1 QR Code two-dimensional symbols, down to an x-dimension size of 0.152 mm. It has 5 different lighting options to enable verification in accordance with ISO/IEC 15415 and the AIM DPM Quality Guideline (ISO/IEC TR 29158): the angle of illumination can be set at 30º, 45º, or 90º, as required by the particular application.

The field of view is 34 mm x 25.5 mm, and the verifier may also be used to verify linear barcodes in accordance with ISO/IEC 15426-1, provided they are no wider than 34 mm (including quiet zones).

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