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Barcode Audit
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Barcode Audit

Barcode Audit

SANDILYAM provides a verification bureau service for checking the quality of your barcodes against global standards. The verification bureau is a unique new service, which has the aim of solving verification needs. Our experienced technical team use Axicon's state of the art Class A ISO/CEN/ANSI PC Verifier range to analyse your code and provide a printed quality report.

 We can supply a simple "Verification Conformance Report" or we can supply advice and support on recommended corrective action.

 We can undertake a "Benchmark Exercise" to analyse the barcodes on a range of a company's products and advise accordingly.

 We can undertake a full company barcode quality audit – in which we would measure the barcode quality, record other information such as substrate, location, bar height, ink spread etc and then provide a full Barcode Audit report indicating overall barcode quality and highlighting any particular areas for concern. We identify any common factors that may be causing problems together with recommendations for corrective action.

 We can also provide further advice on any related matters; e.g. printing processes, barcode symbologies etc.

The right advice at the right time to make the right decisions, when it comes to barcode quality!

Over 3 decades of experience will ensure you get the best guidance.