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Barcode Images

Barcode Images

SANDILYAM has been producing high-quality barcode images for retail and commercial use since 1989, and our years of experience mean that we can provide you with the correct barcode for your particular print job. All of our barcodes are provided as EPS, PDF, or TIFF files, which are compatible with virtually all graphic artwork software programs.

If you are new to barcoding and need to create EAN-13, ITF-14 or GS1-128 barcodes for your products, you will first of all need to join a GS1 member organisation to obtain your GS1 company prefix. For the INDIA , this is GS1 India, and they will provide you with help about how to allocate numbers to identify your products.

Once you have the barcode number for the product, then we can turn it into the correct barcode for you, and make sure the master image is correctly adjusted to match your printing process. If you need other types of barcode, such as Code 39, Pharmacode, and QR Code, we can also provide these.

We will check that the data in your barcode is correct, help you choose the correct symbol if you are not sure, and make sure it’s at the right size that you need. Every order is checked by the technical team to make sure that the image is produced to our highest standards, and will result in barcodes that will scan easily and reliably.

 "Axicon Barcodes Direct" is a web-based subscription service offering maximum flexibility, ease of use and protection from obsolescence.

 Filmbars Graphics is the ideal solution for companies who wish to purchase their own software and create their own barcodes as required.

The right advice at the right time to make the right decisions, when it comes to barcode quality!

Over 3 decades of experience will ensure you get the best guidance.