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Major retailers today having invested millions of Rupees on necessary point-of-sale (POS) scanners, electronic data interchange (EDI) and inventory tracking systems, are demanding bar codes which scan quickly and easily, in other words - the very first time. They have established strict minimum print quality grades for bar codes and vendors who ship goods with bar code symbols that fall below these minimum quality requirements are warned, and could also be fined or even have their merchandise returned. In industry, too, the use and quality for bar codes has a direct impact on which suppliers win orders and which ones do not.

Moreover, an increasing number of Companies now require package printers and merchandise suppliers to have and use specific bar code quality assurance equipment before they can even be considered as the nominated supplier.

SANDILYAM has nearly two decades of bar code solution, symbol verification and image quality experience. Many of the large FMCG companies, and smaller businesses, have received outstanding bar code quality assurance solutions, bar code quality assessment services, bar code hardware and bar code software products from SANDILYAM over the years. We have specialised in all aspects of barcode quality and the name SANDILYAM is now synonymous with barcode quality. The accuracy of barcode printing is vital as every time a barcode fails to scan, delays and costs will be incurred.

SANDILYAM’s specialized Film Master and Digital Masters service for printers and pre-press houses helps in ensuring that all the symbols are perfectly created as per standards and the scannabiltiy is also ensured with a post print verification check.


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